Elementary School Academics

Online Elementary School Academics

At Volunteer State Virtual Academy (VSVA), we believe all students should wake up excited to learn. We also believe that true learning starts by calling out to the innate curiosity in each child and sparking the excitement of discovery.

That’s why VSVA utilizes the K12 curriculum, a high-quality, relevant learning program designed by an experienced team of educators using proven instructional approaches. At the elementary school level, students take courses in core subjects listed below, as well as art and music.

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A Strong Foundation for Your Child’s Academic Journey

The elementary curriculum focuses on developing fundamental skills and teaching the key knowledge building blocks each student needs to master the major subject areas and complete more advanced coursework. Our personalized approach means students can go as fast or slow as they need to.

Bringing Lessons to Life

Lessons come alive with a rich mixture of online and hands-on materials, including interactive animations; printed books with beautiful illustrations and narratives; original music and videos; and materials for hands-on experiments.*

Lessons are followed by formal and informal assessments, so you can be sure that your child has mastered a concept before moving on. Built-in planning and progress tools make it easy to stay on track. And with hundreds of lessons per subject, students can dive deep into areas of interest.

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Recurring Themes

Throughout our elementary courses, repeated themes build on the earlier grade’s teaching and weave an ever-richer tapestry of overlapping knowledge. That means your child may study literature from the same time period as the art or history lessons covered in our classes. For example, a story about a king who built a monument to honor his late wife dovetails nicely with an examination of the origin, history, and architecture of the Taj Mahal.

Explore Our Courses

*Course materials vary by course. Please check with school staff to see what offline course materials are provided.

**The K–8 course descriptions are a complete list of the K–8 courses that K12 provides. While VSVA offers a comprehensive selection of courses, not every K12 K–8 course is available to VSVA students. Information on specific courses are provided upon enrollment. For details, please ask your Personal Admissions Liaison (PAL) during the enrollment process.